Florence Pugh Hints at Original Music in New Zach Braff Film

Florence Pugh Hints at Original Music in New Zach Braff Film

Florence Pugh is dropping new music for her next movie project.

Pugh recently appeared on an episode of Vogue's The Run-Through podcast to discuss her favorite roles and upcoming projects. Amidst filming for Dune: Part Two, the 27-year-old actress shared that she's also been working on original music that will be featured in the upcoming comedy-drama A Good Person, written and directed by her ex, 47-year-old Garden State actor Zach Braff.

"I’ve actually got music being released this year," Pugh revealed in response to a question about upcoming projects. "I wrote music for [A Good Person] and that’s been a whole exciting experience that I’ve been desperate to do for years."

Pugh plays the film's young protagonist, Allison, who has her whole world turned upside down suddenly and unexpectedly, and eventually finds friendship with her father-in-law, played by Morgan Freeman. The Dune actress explains the film's script motivated her to get back into music.

“[Music] is one of those things that can mean so much to you, and the less you do it the less confidence you have and you end up losing your heart in it,” Pugh said. "For years I was so scared of how to do it. And eventually, this opportunity arose and I read Zach's script and I said 'I've been inspired to write a song.' And we put them in the movie."

Braff and Pugh started dating in 2019, but broke up quietly in 2022. The former couple has spoken highly of each other in interviews, with Braff telling Entertainment Weekly of the experience, "There's not a single thing Florence did that isn't correct, in my brain as the one who wrote it."

Pugh is no stranger to music: she once recorded Youtube covers under the moniker Flossie Rose, and also appeared on a 2021 song with her musician brother Tony Sebastian. And it's not the first time Pugh is releasing music for a film, having recently collaborated with co-star Harry Styles on a tune in the recent Don't Worry Darling.

A Good Person stars Florence Pugh, Morgan Freeman, Molly Shannon, Alex Wolff, Chinaza Uche, and more. The film is scheduled to be released in the United States on March 24.

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