FKA Twigs Drops 'Holy Terrain' With Future

FKA Twigs Drops 'Holy Terrain' With Future

If the world is really going to burn come 2050, and all that's left is FKA Twigs and her dance crew of fallen angels, is the apocalypse really so bad?

This is what we're all asking upon watching "Holy Terrain," the new, Future-assisted single and video announcing Twigs' long-awaited sophomore album, Magdalene, out October 25.

If "Holy Terrain," a song Twigs co-produced with Skrillex and Jack Antonoff is any indication, the album promises to provide a transformative spiritual experience. Fans first heard the song during her recent Magdalene mini-tour.

The video, co-directed by Twigs and Nick Walker, is as dark and stormy as the song's ominous trap beats and lyrics, which bears bountiful forbidden fruit metaphors delivered in Twigs' sky-high soprano. She sings romantic curlicues around Future, the object of her biblical desire while communicating his own: "I hope you never take my love in vain [...] You die, we die together, the prophecy complete," he sings in his syrupy slur.

Though he doesn't appear in the "Holy Terrain" clip, Twigs and her dancers, outfitted like RPG warriors in dark sheaths, jewelry, and head coverings, perform sensual hip-hop choreography on the barren earth. Twigs also channels seeing-eye oracles, Marilyn Manson, and more, with contrasting color contacts: one red, one blue.

Following her tender, devastating pole performance in "Cellophane," Twigs is consistently adding new dimensions to her visual art form. Not to mention the music! Sexy, vulnerable, irresistible. Magdalene is about to bless us all, and we're not worthy.

Photo via YouTube