Finally, Your Stupid Coachella Flower Crown Can Get You High

Finally, Your Stupid Coachella Flower Crown Can Get You High

There's something magic in the air in the greater Los Angeles area – it's almost Coachella time! If you're very quiet, you can hear the quiet rip-ripping of jeans getting turned into cutoffs and the gentle snapping of legions of basics pulling the tags off their Hot Topic Led Zeppelin tees. We don't know yet who the surprise guests will be, or how obnoxious our Instagram feeds will get, but if there is one certainty about America's favorite music festival it's that ladies be putting stuff on their heads. From sun hats and cowboy hats to the scourge of culturally insensitive bindis and ceremonial headdresses, it's the time of year for the fauxhemian set to ask themselves "Can I put this on my head? And if not, why not?"

By far the most popular thing to put on your head every Coachella since the invention of Sienna Miller has been the flower crown, and this year, California's pot legalization has paved the way for an exciting advancement in flower crown technology. Lowell Farms, the artisanal organic weed farmers that brought us the dankest of Valentine's Day bouquets are now offering the world the Coachella Cannabis Flower Crown. It is exactly what it sounds like! The crown features a medley of Dog Walker, Single White Girl, Chocolate Hashberry and Lenny OG strains delicately interwoven with white roses, so you can be pretty AND be faded AF. If you want to put the loudest flower crown in all of Indio Valley on your head, they are giving away 12 of them for free at the Palm Springs Safe Access Dispensary with the purchase of a Lowell Farms pre-rolled Coachella Blend joints.

For those of you that won't be attending Coachella... wedding inspo?

splash image via Lowell Farms