Fendi Transforms Its Rome Rooftop with a Powerful Message

Fendi Transforms Its Rome Rooftop with a Powerful Message

Everyone knows that FENDI is a classic, timeless brand that never loses its style. But do you ever think of modern street art when you imagine the legendary brand? Well, you just might after taking a look at their latest video.

To promote the first anniversary of their millennial digital platform, F is For…, the brand teamed up with six up-and-coming artists to completely transform the FENDI HQ rooftop in Rome. The artists — Gary, Cave, Hillel, Roes, Casper and Joda — hail from a variety of backgrounds from America to Korea and all wrote the word "Future" in their native language, creating a ring of inclusion and diversity.

To celebrate the now-iconic artwork, FENDI is launching their first-ever F is For… product today, which includes a genderless t-shirt featuring "The Ring of the Future" graphic. Starting today, it will be sold exclusively on FENDI.com, and you better run fast, because it's likely to sell out quick.

Take a peek at this artistic genius in the video, below, and make sure to check out the campaign's full story on Instagram and fisfor.fendi.com.