Female Collective's Candace Reels Is Stepping Up for Change

Female Collective's Candace Reels Is Stepping Up for Change

Direction and editing by Annie Bercy

This article is a sponsored collaboration between SOREL and PAPER

Growing up, Candace Reels was always taught to "establish" herself and "be a strong woman," but as she got older she realized that not everyone had a similar support system to navigate the world with confidence. Now as the founder of Female Collective, an intersectional platform that brings women together through empowerment and self-love, Reels is working to foster these supportive networks.

"There are people around the world who are going through the same thing," Reels tells PAPER and SOREL. "And that they need help with these challenges, as well. So I think that's the beautiful thing about Female Collective is that it's the community willing to come together and help everyone on their journey."

As the first in PAPER's four-part video series with SOREL spotlighting Black changemakers who're stepping up (to inspire, educate, change and unite), watch how Reels is uniting her followers to love the person they are. "There will be tons of challenges and traumas," she says. "But that will help you grow into the person you are meant to be."

Direction and editing: Annie Bercy


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