Fashion Is Art: Our Collab With @ArtlexaChung

Fashion Is Art: Our Collab With @ArtlexaChung

Teaming up with Alexa Chung and the wildly popular Instagram account.

photos by Ben Morris / styling by Alexa Chung and Noah Diaz

Instagram account @artlexachung, the brainchild of sisters Beatrice and Maria Valdovín, geniusly pairs photos of Alexa Chung with famous works of art she resembles. Inspired by the account, we teamed up with the sisters and Chung to bring @artlexachung to life featuring pieces from Chung's new clothing collection. We also asked all three women to chat more about their own art and fashion inspirations.

Beatrice and Maria Valdovín: How weird was it to discover @Artlexachung?

Alexa Chung: Less weird -- more sort of mind-blowing. I couldn't conceive how they had so cleverly matched images of me to artwork in such a nuanced way. Also it was strange that so many of my poses naturally imitated how people sit to have their portrait done.

Have we found out your secret inspiration?

I think the connection is entirely coincidental or perhaps says more about the original inspiration that many designers use as a starting point for a collection. I love art and have always been surrounded by it but when it comes to piecing an outfit together I wouldn't say it's [my] go to source for ideas, I'm more likely to look at how bands dress.

Why does art make fashion better? Or should it be the opposite... fashion makes art better?

I see art and fashion as one and the same thing: self expression through aesthetics. I think some designers have been wonderful artists: Alexander McQueen springs to mind. Similarly a lot of couture is a work of art, literally art you can wear. They both play into one another.

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Who is an artist you'd like to work with for a dream collaboration?

I love Jean Cocteau, incorporating his art into a print would be magnificent.

Best art look of all time?

David Hockney. I love his outfits. And Frida Kahlo's use of color was wonderful.

If you could be a muse to a famous artist, would you rather have it be Picasso or John Singer Sargent? Or someone else?

Picasso for sure. Sargent obviously made beautiful art but I am so intrigued by Picasso as a personality and person that it would be wonderful to hang out and get drunk with him.

Would you rather have dinner with Basquiat or Warhol?

Probably Basquiat. I love the photos of both of them that adorn the walls at B Bar. I feel like Basquiat may have been a better conversationalist.

What painting would you want to spend a night in?

It's not a painting but I've always stared and stared at Celia in a black dress with red stockings by Hockney. She just looks eternally stylish OR Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose because it just looks so magical and tranquil in there.

Do you prefer seeing art on social media or a visit to the museum?

Well obviously this account you have made is incredibly flattering so this makes art on social media fun but if I were to want to really take something in it would have to be a gallery.

A date with us in Museo Del Prado your next time in Madrid?


Interview by Maria and Beatrice Valdovín

Photography by Ben Morris

Styling by Alexa Chung and Noah Diaz

Hair: Anh Co Tran

Makeup: Chris Colbeck using Diorskin Star at Art Department