Fashion Critic Booth Moore Tells Us the Best Places to Shop

Fashion Critic Booth Moore Tells Us the Best Places to Shop

Booth Moore is one of the fashion world's most respected critics. After years at the LA Times she's now writing for the Hollywood Reporter and has recently published Where Stylists Shop: The Fashion Insider's Ultimate Guide. In her book, Booth and her fashion pals give tips on the best spots from Mumbai to Milan to Montreal for shopaholics to get their fix. We caught up with Booth to learn about the book and to find our her favorite shopping cities as well as her top spots in her native Los Angeles.

You say there is still so much joy in shopping. What's so fun about it?

It's nutritious and delicious! What I mean by that is that shopping is an amazing way to get to know the people and culture of a place -- to learn about traditional style and handicrafts, the emerging designer scene, even the up-and-coming neighborhoods. If you really do some research (or have a book like mine as a guide), you can discover so much more about a city than what meets the eye, or what you'll find in the touristy shopping areas.

Were any fashion people hesitant to share their lists of favorites?

Only a couple -- Eva Chen from Instagram was one person I would have loved to have had in the book, but she declined.

Were there places that you were surprised to discover have amazing shopping?

I firmly believe there is great shopping in every corner of this world! And honestly, I'm convinced I could ferret out a fashionable find in a Tehachapi truck stop. That being said, I was really interested to learn more about fashion in Africa, which is someplace I haven't been. I'd love to visit Accra, Ghana in particular, where there is a rich textile tradition, and also a cool emerging designer scene.

Which cities do you think have the BEST shopping in the world and why?

Tokyo for its variety, and how immersive the stores are there. I loved sharing in the book Freecity designer Nina Garduno's take on the scene and how it inspires her. I also love places that have their own distinct aesthetic that you get really into when you visit, like San Miguel de Allende, which I visited for jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth's birthday party a couple years back. Every single store there has something to help you (and your house) dress the part, from embroidered tunics to hand loomed rugs and hand painted pottery.

What are your favorite stores in LA?

RTH, which is a Tokyo-style experience in the way that it's totally immersive. It's like a roadside curios shop, thick with the smell of pinon incense, and the owner Rene doesn't sell online so you have to be there. Speaking of Irene Neuwirth, I also love her store, which is decorated so beautifully by Pam Shamshiri, that you just want to move in. Some of the jewelry is displayed on animal dioramas! For vintage, The Way We Wore always brings back memories of the time I took Iris Apfel on a shopping trip there. We had hours of fun trying stuff on, which is a good reminder of how shopping can also be a social experience. The Slauson Swapmeet also can't be beat. It's an indoor market in South Central with vendors selling everything from airbrushed baseball hats to Los Angeles baseball jerseys. One of the jewelry vendors there, called Tiffany (but not that Tiffany!), makes custom gold nameplate pieces while you wait. I had a pair of "Booth" earrings made in 2 hours. Be sure to ask for Boss Lady.

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