Inside PAPER's Photo Booth at EXPO Chicago

Inside PAPER's Photo Booth at EXPO Chicago

Photography by Paul Octavious / Light installation by Hydrosonic Light ShowApr 20, 2023

This weekend, crowds of creatives from across the globe gathered at the very tip of Chicago’s Navy Pier for the acclaimed EXPO Chicago art fair. A roster of highly anticipated galleries from 36 countries came to feature select works by the likes of everyone from Andy Warhol to Hank Willis Thomas, along with many art world stars just beginning their rise. Accompanied by a series of conversations, panels and talks titled “/Dialogues,” that offered engaged discourse around art world accountability, the weekend breathed new life into the idea of what a traditional art fair can be.

To kick off this year’s iteration of the annual event, PAPER took to the Windy City, partnering up with Mortlach Whisky and Soho House Chicago to host a pop-up photo booth during the opening hours of the fair. Attending art lovers, arriving to engage with and peruse the 170 exhibitors, ranged from Chicago’s very own Chance the Rapper to artist Oluseye and renowned gallerist Easy Otabor of Anthony Gallery — and we were eager to invite them into the PAPER booth, to be bathed in a swirling light show and captured by prominent local photographer Paul Octavious.

The following evening, we continued to celebrate and honor the creative community congregating in Chicago for EXPO with an intimate dinner at Soho House, hosted by PAPER and Mortlach, with a selection of photo booth portraits on display for the evening.

Step into the PAPER booth with EXPO Chicago, Soho House and Mortlach Whiskey, below.

This article is a sponsored collaboration between PAPER and Mortlach Whisky.
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Photography: Paul Octavious
Light installation: Hydrosonic Light Show