Ethel Cain Comes Into Her Own on 'Michelle Pfeiffer'

Ethel Cain Comes Into Her Own on 'Michelle Pfeiffer'

Ethel Cain is coming into her own with her new song "Michelle Pfeiffer."

Taken from the 22-year-old musician's forthcoming EP Inbred, lead single "Michelle Pfeiffer" is a haunting yet irresistibly moody track that elicits a sense of cinematic nostalgia with the help of hit songwriter, Lil Aaron.

"This song was just a breath of fresh air from a fresh start," Cain said. "It was my first time ever in LA, in a studio for the first time ever with Aaron, and it felt like I was finally being seen for the artist I'd been trying to be for years."

The kind of song that feels perfect to listen to during a long, aimless drive, perhaps the most notable aspect of "Michelle Pfeiffer" is its sense of quiet power. And as Cain — a trans woman who grew up as a devout churchgoer in the deep South — herself explains, this blissful feeling of confidence and freedom was something she channeled from the iconic film star who lent the song its name.

"I've always idolized Michelle Pfeiffer and thought she was a picture perfect bombshell," she added. "So when I was in the back of my Uber with the windows down, headed to the studio bright and early that first morning and humming a little chorus melody to myself, I felt like a bombshell of my own. It felt like my life had finally started."

Access your inner bombshell by listening to "Michelle Pfeiffer," below.

Photo courtesy of Ethel Cain