Elon Musk Doesn't Think Aliens Exist

Elon Musk Doesn't Think Aliens Exist

Alien sightings have existed for centuries but, in the last few decades, it seems like they've ramped up considerably. But as much as people have seen them, with our rising camera technology, no one has ever been able to get a real, clear picture of aliens or the supposed UFOs that they zoom around our planet on.

Elon Musk took this thought process and ran with it. Now, he's set the internet ablaze with his belief that shitty alien pictures equals that they don't exist. The tech billionaire posted a comparison of two graphs and captioned it with "strongest argument against aliens."

The graph on the left, labeled "Camera Resolution," is shown to have risen since the 19th century while the right graph, labeled "UFO Picture Resolution," hasn't changed, instead remaining the same.

The internet wouldn't let Musk get away with crushing everyone's adult version of Santa. Aliens are real, dammit. Someone brought up the fact that Musk, himself, tweeted that he was an alien recently.

Someone else posted an intriguing theory to see if Musk would expand on the possibilities of why we haven't come into contact with any aliens yet (that we know of).

Someone else even noted that Musk's tweet seemed suspiciously alien.

And then, of course, people joined in on him raining on the world's parade, such as with this guy who also suggested that the moon landings are fakes.

While there's no proof of whether aliens exist or not, we have proof that Musk isn't an alien. He recently shared a rare family photo with partner grimes and their child, X Æ A-Xii. Tell me, would an alien do that?

Well, we actually don't know what an alien would do.