Drest's First IG Beauty Filters Blur the Real and Virtual Worlds

Drest's First IG Beauty Filters Blur the Real and Virtual Worlds

In Drest's alternate high fashion universe, everyone has full access to the world's top designers. The interactive styling app, founded by former PORTER Editor-in-Chief Lucy Yeomans, launched a few months ago and has already caught the attention of fashion's major players.

Brands from Gucci and Oscar de la Renta to Christian Louboutin and Puma have all signed on to become partners with the platform, where players respond to daily styling challenges using the products from the latest runway collections. Beauty plays an important part too, with users able to select their own makeup looks for their model avatars.

Among the beauty looks featured are those curated by Mary Greenwell, the celebrity makeup artist perhaps best known for working with Princess Diana. Whereas users are normally tasked to select each beauty element, Greenwell's fully packaged looks can be applied in one click.

To help kick off Greenwell's latest makeup look, a rich green palette called "Verdant Summer," Drest is launching its first range of beauty filters on Instagram. The challenge went live this morning, and users can now "wear" all three virtual looks designed by Greenwell in real life.

"As Drest's consultant makeup artist I am forever imagining new ways of creating playful, standout looks that are beautiful enough to complement the real-life luxury fashion that is brought into the game digitally," Greenwell told PAPER.

"For the last two months I have designed a makeup look that Drest stylists can apply to their models with a simple tap," she continued, "but this month we are taking it one step further and releasing social face filters so real people can enjoy my beauty creations on themselves."

A conversation she and Yeomans had during lockdown, where they discussed topics from makeup and the red carpet to designing makeup for model avatars, also premiered today on Drest's Instagram channel.

"Unlike other games Drest isn't pure fantasy," Yeomans said. "We made the decision to blend real and virtual worlds by recreating some real-life elements — luxury fashion and mesmerizing global locations — digitally. And so, for me, it was vital we brought Mary's expert eye to Drest in order to provide our users with lifelike, elevated makeup options. We are a platform for creativity and want to give individuals everywhere the opportunity to have fun and express themselves virtually and IRL."

Tap the Face icon in Drest's profile to download the IG filters for yourself.

Photo courtesy of Drest


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