Bring in the Puppies, Doss Is Back

Bring in the Puppies, Doss Is Back

For those that know, Doss is pretty much everything. Despite having only released one (literally perfect) self-titled EP and a handful of remixes, the artist has gained a dedicated cult following over the years on the strength of her dreamy rave-kissed originals and legendary DJ sets that blend together trance, 00s electro and early EDM in a way that feels effortlessly cool.

Among her more notable fans includes Lady Gaga and Porter Robinson, who invited her last year to play at PAPER's Chromatica Fundrager and Secret Sky festival respectively, as well as the late, great SOPHIE, who not only invited Doss to open for the producer's 2018 tour but collaborated on a remix of "Whole New World" and the unreleased gem "New York's Burning Down."

Picking up where she left off almost eight years ago, Doss is back with her new single "Puppy" off her forthcoming sophomore EP on LuckyMe. With a pillowy bassline, twinkling synth melodies and cherubic vocals, Doss mines the same rich dreamy vein that made us fall head over heels for songs like "The Way I Feel" and "Softpretty," blending together nostalgic rave aesthetics with her airy electro-pop sensibilities. With a softly cooed chorus of "holding on," Doss manages to capture a wistful sort of bliss that feels as warm and playful as ever.

"I had an ex once who called me Puppy, you know what I mean," Doss says, before explaining that she was inspired to write the track after she ran into said ex at a party one night. "I had fallen in love with their family and friends while we were together, so it wasn't just about the person or the breakup with them, but about losing the whole world that had been so vibrant and intimate and important and familial," she continues. "We had been broken up for a while, like maybe three months, and I got invited to a birthday party and decided to drive last minute. Driving back at 2 AM to Maryland, I was sort of parsing through how sweet and welcoming they had been, but how I knew that it would never be like how it was before and what to do with all of those feelings. There's nothing like the feeling of a solitary night drive home, thinking about life."

Get a fresh injection of serotonin with this incredibly happy visualizer for "Puppy," below.

Photography: Alex Lee