dOP Takes You Backstage at a Strip Club for 'The Dying Night' Video

dOP Takes You Backstage at a Strip Club for 'The Dying Night' Video

dOP, the Berlin-based, French house trio with roots in Parisian hip-hop, may be known for their wild live performances, but they're also creators in the visual space. To accompany their single "The Dying Night," dOP teamed up with Belgian artist Clara de Gobert to shoot an 11-minute "manifesto" exploring the behind-the-scene moments at Jumbo's, a strip club in LA.

De Gobert says they discovered the spot on "a quiet Monday night," and were "taken by the atmosphere of the place and the skills and aura of the dancers."

She added, "I wanted something real and the dancers gave me more than I expected they would. It is for me close to a manifesto of what feminism should be today as we step into 2018. It talks about the freedom to enjoy one's femininity and express it through any form we like. To accept our sexuality and its expressions, not as something dirty or shameful but as something light and fun and beautiful."

"I think it is important to say those things in the light of the recent events and sex scandals spreading across the media at the moment," de Gobert added. "This film is for me 11 minutes of condensed, super powerful female energy."

You can stream "The Dying Night" here.