Gigi Hadid, Chance the Rapper and Yara Shahidi Team Up With Disney

Gigi Hadid, Chance the Rapper and Yara Shahidi Team Up With Disney

by Dylan Kelly

When you think of Disney, the first image to come to mind is undoubtedly its core group of characters like Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck. These three, along with Daisy, Pluto and Goofy, have long been a staple in many people's households growing up.

Disney fans love a good throwback, so in advance of International Friendship Day on July 30, the franchise is honoring the longevity of its animated friend group, Mickey Mouse & Friends with some famous faces.

To kick off the celebration, Yara Shahidi, Gigi Hadid and Chance the Rapper are sharing appreciation for their respective best friends Sayeed Shahidi, Ehsan Shahidi, Olivia Perez and Taylor Bennett in a series of Instagram posts.

"I've always been such a big Disney fan, and know any day I get to step foot into a Disney park will be another great one," said Hadid in a statement. "I have so many amazing memories from childhood to adulthood that include Mickey and the Sensational Six. I'm so happy to be celebrating International Friendship Day alongside these iconic characters!"

Starting tomorrow, July 24, you can also head to Mickey: The True Original's Instagram (the official merch page for Mickey Mouse) to share your own friendship experiences. In the week leading up to International Friendship Day, fans will be encouraged to use the #MickeyFriendsStayTrue hashtag to share their stories. The initiative is part of Disney's new campaign celebrating 90+ years of friendship of the six aforementioned characters.

The famous Disney friend group will also appear in a multitude of products with fashion and sports brands, all of which are now globally available. With Adidas, different members of the Mickey & Friends troupe colorfully decorate several of the label's classic apparel and shoe silhouettes. Cartoons of Goofy playing baseball adorn the canvas behind the three stripes of the Superstar model, while black-and-white iterations of characters tastefully enhance the Ultraboosts.

With H&M, the animated friends appear in several new designs across an entire fashion line in a number of graphic interpretations. And with Rayban, Mickey & Friends motifs decorate the sunglasses company's signature styles. The Wayfarer and Justin silhouettes are revamped with Mickey Mouse emblems on either side of the frames and limited-edition Mickey & Friends cleaning kits are now available for purchase as well.

Head over to Mickey: The True Original's Instagram to keep up-to-date with Disney's International Friendship Day Celebration.

Photos via Instagram