This Diplo and Crocs Collab Is a Trip

This Diplo and Crocs Collab Is a Trip

After having one of their most successful years in recent memory, not to mention securing the coveted Barb seal of approval, Crocs are hot right now and the brand's showing no signs of slowing, announcing their newest collaboration with jet-setting DJ and producer, Diplo.

Inviting fans "to take a walk on the weird side," Diplo and Crocs have teamed up to put a psychedelic spin on a pair of Classic Clogs and the brand's new double strapped Croc Sandal. Featuring colorful swirling tie-dye patterns and an assortment of glow-in-the-dark 3D mushrooms and custom trippy graphic Jibbitz charms scattered all over with Diplo's Brontosaurus logo on the heel strap's swivel point, the acid-trip inspired mini-collection has all the whimsy of your typical Croc collab with the ravey paraphernalia energy we've come to expect from one of the world's more prolific DJs.

"I wear my Crocs literally everywhere so I'm stoked to have some with my name on them and that others can get them too," said Diplo. "Crocs helped me bring my adventures to life with these designs and the 3D, light up and glow-in-the-dark mushroom Jibbitz charms are cooler than I could've imagined. Now fans can take a walk with me in either the Classic Clog or Crocs Classic Sandal."

Ahead of the collaboration's official release on June 8, Diplo will be introducing the new Crocs to his fans with a special performance streamed through Mad Decent's Twitch channel and will be giving away a 1,000 pairs to those that tune in to the live set.

Photography: Emma Maria Jenkinson

Photos Courtesy of Crocs