Dior Men Goes Ms. Roboto

Dior Men Goes Ms. Roboto

Since taking the reins as Dior Men's new artistic director, Kim Jones has not shied away from making splashy statements. If you'll recall, his spring 2019 Paris show featured super-cute plush dolls made of flowers. miniature plush toys, and updated Dior Bees, alongside classic menswear looks, all accented with bold pops of pink.

Today, Jones launched his pre-fall men's show in Tokyo, and took the city's advanced technological landscape to the next level. The set prominently featured a towering metallic female robot as its centerpiece, at just over 36 feet tall, sitting on a three-feet-high base, and conceived by Japanese contemporary artist, Hajime Sorayama. And of course a figure like that is quite heavy: at just over 20,000 pounds, it's well over 10 tons.

The construction process of this robotic creation began in mid-September, taking 20 days to paint and requiring a team of 16 people to install the robot onsite. Not to mention, the whole Mr. Roboto fantasy is illuminated by coliseum-style, ultra-LED laserlights, which feels very End of Days meets Blade Runner-style futurism via an old-school Grace Jones performance or Daft Punk video. Not mad at any of it, especially the way this centerpiece doubles as a futuristic symbol of worship to the power of woman, whether cyborg or real.

And that's not even talking about the clothes, which have been livestreaming this morning. That's a whole other post. See exclusive photos from the pre-fall 2019 men's set, below.

Photography: Alessandro Garofalo