Livestream This: A Digital Drag Show Hosted by Biqtch Puddiń
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Livestream This: A Digital Drag Show Hosted by Biqtch Puddiń

Thanks to Ms. Rona, we're all trapped at home with nothing to do. Even Netflix is getting boring! But never fear. While they're technically out of work, our favorite entertainers are still out here bravely making virtual content in a scary new world. Going to the club or the theater is out of the question right now (self isolate! Ariana Grande says so) but here's PAPER's ongoing guide to the latest livestreams — featuring comedians, actors, musicians and more.

Who? America's Next Drag Supermonster (crowned by Boulet Brothers' Dragula), Biqtch Puddiń and producer Megna are hosting "Digital Drag: An Online Drag Show" aka a Twitch-streamed drag extravaganza to help put drag performers back to work. Featuring over 20 queens and kings from all over the country, line-up is stacked and loaded: Alaska Thunderfuck, Rock M. Sakura, Vander Von Odd, Landon Cider, Louisianna Purchase, Abhora, Felony Dodger, Pinche, Bible Girl, Kandy Muse, Xunami Muse, Juku, Astrud Aurelia, Laurel Charleston, Laveau Contraire, Tenderoni, Kat Sass, Kiara, Clit Eatswood, moi, Charles Galin, Siri, Toto Soto, Florida Man, Nicki Jizz, Syzygy, Crayola, Juno Birch and Pythia. Plus, music by Mateo Segade.

When? You literally don't have better plans. Tune into at 7 PM PST/ 10 PM EST this Friday, March 20th.

Why watch? Even within nightlife and entertainment, drag performers are being hit hard by the preventative measures to quell coronavirus. Digital and livestream entertainment is many artists' only hope to keep up a living until the quarantine is over. Let the kings and queens sashay some of your crippling anxiety away, and throw them a few bucks in return. $10 is the suggested donation, but it's give what you can.

Photo via Instagram