Did Marc Jacobs Just Leak Missy Elliott's June ELLE Cover?

Did Marc Jacobs Just Leak Missy Elliott's June ELLE Cover?

Where in the world is new Missy Elliott's cover story? The queen of our hearts can be seen on Marc Jacobs Instagram in the designer's Fall/Winter 2017 collection for the latest issue of Elle, but any trace of the feature is yet to be seen on either Missy's and Elle's own channels.

Missy and Marc are a prime pairing considering the latter was, somewhat controversially, inspired by the history of hip-hop for his latest collection. Aside from Missy's look, which is naturally magnificent, all we gauge from this whole situation is that rap's dream girl will be "on record" with famed critic and author of the forthcoming book The Explainers and the Explorers, which addresses the identity of the black American identity. Considering we haven't heard much more from Missy than certified banger "I'm Better" in January, perhaps this confirms a new album is on it's way? A girl can dream.

Here are are the thirstily embedded receipts:

Here she goes again, in a post shared by Marc's head of PR.

Clearly Marc and his team have let the cat prematurely out of the bag, which is frankly amazing (someone has clearly took Missy's advice and "lost control"), but here at PAPER we just want the goods. Give us Missy, Elle.