Diane Keaton Maintains She Believes Woody Allen

Diane Keaton Maintains She Believes Woody Allen

While high-profile Woody Allen collaborators continue to ditch the director in droves, one actress is standing by him. Diane Keaton, Annie Hall star and the woman Allen referred to as a "fellatrix" (a latin word that translates to giver of blow jobs) when honoring her lifetime achievement in the film industry, has tweeted in her friend's defense.

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Keaton also encouraged fans to take a look at Allen's 60 Minutes interview from the early 90s after news of his alleged abuse broke.

"If I wanted to be a child molester, I've had many opportunities in the past. I could've quietly made a custody settlement with Mia in some way and done it in the future," Allen says in the clip. "It's so insane!" Because saying you've had "many opportunities" to molest children, and then specifying you chose to publicly fight allegations so as to save your career isn't creepy at all.

Diane Keaton claimed in a interview with The Guardian that she had barely interacted with Dylan Farrow, after Farrow pleaded with Keaton in her 2014 open letter to The New York Times and recalled meeting Keaton as a child.

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It's certainly something that Keaton is backing Allen in the wake of Weinstein, #metoo and Time's Up, not only because so many actors have expressed their regret working with the director and subsequently donated their salaries from his movies, but because Allen's tribute to Keaton at the AFI Awards last year was riddled with subtle misogyny. The Cut readdressed Allen's speech recently, highlighting the fact that not only did he insert "fellatrix" amid Keaton's achievements but undermined her throughout.

"She dresses, as you know, to hide her sexuality — and always has, and has done a great job, 'cause it's never emerged over the years. But she's a beautiful girl...and she's never succumbed to any face work or anything. She's very uncompromising. She prefers to look old."

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He continues: "She's been involved with half a dozen of the most gifted, charismatic, attractive men in Hollywood and it's very interesting cause every one of them has dumped her."

Watch it here, through to the end, if you can.