30+ Beauty Creators Transform Into Aliens

30+ Beauty Creators Transform Into Aliens

Aliens do apparently exist — and we've been in contact with them for years — but they know we're not all ready to meet them just yet. A few celebrities have recently opened up about their alleged encounters (Miley Cyrus says she was "chased down" by a UFO while Demi Lovato made contact in Joshua Tree), and the CIA has slowly been declassifying a bunch of strange, previously top secret incidents that support the legitimate presence of extraterrestrial beings.

Perhaps we've all been watching a bit too much WandaVision, or maybe there really is something out there. Either way, in celebration of Lovato's otherworldly PAPER cover transformation, we've asked some of our favorite beauty creators across the internet to transform themselves into space inhabitants. There's really no way of knowing what to expect should they decide to finally make contact, but an alien invasion could look a little something like this:



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Story by Andrew Nguyen / Photography by Tyler Oyer