Daniela Lalita Fights Her Demons in 'Tenía Razón'

Daniela Lalita Fights Her Demons in 'Tenía Razón'

Daniela Lalita is exorcising her demons, both inside and out.

In psychoanalysis, dreams are the key to your subconscious. They're a way to understand yourself better, whether it be your conscious decisions, your hidden desires or the way your past has affected your current existence — and that's exactly what Lalita is trying to explore in the self-directed music video for her debut single "Tenía Razón."

An apt visual representation of the New York-based, Peruvian-born artist's innermost thoughts, which she described as way to personify these inner dialogues while giving space to a lot of my visual influences and recreating dreams I’ve had."

"I’d say it's mainly about mental health and inner battles, dealing with trauma," Lalita said, explaining that the video recreates her old dreams while taking a dash of inspiration from "magic, ritual and her matrilineal bloodline" to hauntingly beautiful effect.

"The video and song are a form of self-exploration about one's relationship with [their] past and future selves with the intention of trying to love and understand oneself in all its multiplicity," she continued. "Regardless of how at times that can manifest itself as constant, antagonistic, almost monstrous voices that try to destroy one's sense of self."

However, it's made even more powerful in tandem with the track itself — which was co-produced by Sega Bodega — it's an experience meant to reflect a process of self-exploration that encompasses the good, the bad and the ugly. And, hopefully, it also encourages listeners to do the same, with Lalita adding, "So many of these inner battles and emotions are almost impossible to explain, so I hope to connect with others who might be experiencing similar emotions."

Check out the video for "Tenía Razón" below.

Photography: Jake Moore