Daniel Vosovic is Making Fast Fashion Fabulous

Daniel Vosovic is Making Fast Fashion Fabulous

With his new label The Kit, NYC designer Daniel Vosovic seems to have accomplished the goal of many designers today. Designs are produced with a two-week lead time, making even the design-to-stores lead time of fast fashion monsters like Zara seem like a lifetime. So now ladies can get the glamour without the wait. The future of fashion is here!

Do you care if I mention Project Runway?

Yes of course you can mention Project Runway but please also note that it was 11 years ago!

What trans-seasonal?

Trans-seasonal is just a fashion-y way of saying seasonless - all season - all day every day - LA to NY, Quebec to Sao Paolo baby.

You say it's the future of fast fashion. How are you able to do stuff with a two-week lead time?

Noting the frustrations and limitations put on an evolving industry, especially in the past few years, my partners and I have built an unrivaled production model which will revolutionize the fashion industry as we know it. With a vertically integrated, cutting-edge technological process, the model is commercially viable with volume ranging from a single unit to a thousand. Through this advancement, my creative vision and freedom is unrestricted... which feels really f**king good.

Is it made in NYC?

We have built the most amazing factories in the Dominican Republic, working with artisans that my partners have worked with for decades, who truly understand craftsmanship and quality. Additionally the space and geographic location of the DR allows us room to grow, as well as a central location for responding to a global market.