Disney Alum 'Tripped and Fell' Into Adult Industry
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Disney Alum 'Tripped and Fell' Into Adult Industry

Wizards of Waverly Place is known as one of the most beloved Disney Channel shows, launching the career of Selena Gomez and many others. Dan Benson, best known for playing Zeke on the show, chose to pursue a different, more adult kind of entertainment.

Benson found a lot of success posting to his nearly 200 thousand TikTok followers all about his foray into the porn industry, often reenacting funny interactions with people who are fascinated with his past as a television star.


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In a TikTok posted last week, Benson finally opened up about what led him into the adult industry, and he has his unexpected heartthrob status to thank for it.

"When I was on the show Wizards of Waverly Place, I would get messages from people all of the time, some of those being women that I found incredibly attractive," Benson explained. "Turns out, messaging those women who turned out not to be who they said they were was not the best idea because I would send nude photos to them and they would take those nude photos and post them onto online websites."

The Disney Channel alum noted that having his private photos leaked was a "pretty traumatic experience," and he spent years trying to scrub them off the internet. When that failed, he almost lost his job after retiring from acting. With nowhere to turn, he decided to "stop fighting against it" and began pursuing adult entertainment so that no one else can sell his nude images.

In his video, Benson says since beginning his career in 2022, he's made a lot of friends and has found a lot of success on OnlyFans.


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Benson appears to be doing quite well for himself. For $20 a month, curious fans can subscribe to his OnlyFans. He's very active on Twitter and Instagram as well, providing slightly tamer content that is still perfect for those who love a good thirst trap.

Photo courtesy of @danleebenson/TikTok