Daichi Yamamoto and Mick Jenkins Drop 'Kill Me' Collab

Daichi Yamamoto and Mick Jenkins Drop 'Kill Me' Collab

Lifted off Daichi Yamamoto's forthcoming 2021 album WHITECUBE, "Kill Me" is the debut collaboration between the Jamaican-Japanese rapper and Chicago's Mick Jenkins, out today. "Kill me for all the wrongs that I did to you," the duo sings to a lover, introspective and self-aware.

"Since I'm a big fan of Mick Jenkins, this was a dream collaboration," Yamamoto tells PAPER of their cool, effortless groove. "I feel very honored to be a part of this project. I always believed that if I could make quality music, it could resonate with global audiences."

"Kill Me" is the latest release from Frank Renaissance, which aims to connect "dope Japanese artists to the world" by merging the capabilities of a music label and production studio. In December 2020, Frank Renaissance dropped its debut track, called "A-Team's Fables," with a power group of six Japanese artists: Rikuto AF, KM, Lil' Leise But Gold, Esteoleuco and Ettoman, a two-time Japanese beatboxing champion.

Yamamoto's new single, specifically, is a collaboration between Frank Renaissance and Japanese record Label Jazzy Sport, which he signed to in 2017 after attending the University of Arts London. Since then, the artist has kept busy with tons of features and his 2019 hit, "Shanghai Band," leading into last year's debut album, Andless.

"Kill Me" will be joined next month by a small NFT release, which includes a digital jacket developed by 3D designer Mar Guixa and a physical garment by Sho Konishi, both available on May 6th through OpenSea. NFT music videos will be released after May 8th, too.

Stream "Kill Me" by Daichi Yamamoto and Mick Jenkins, below.

Photos courtesy of Yuki Hori