Curtis Waters Wreaks Anti-Capitalist Havoc in New Video

Curtis Waters Wreaks Anti-Capitalist Havoc in New Video

by Justine Fisher

Curtis Waters is playing his worst nightmare in the new music video for “STAR KILLER,” in which the 22-year-old alt-pop singer breaks free from the life of a finance bro.

In the stunning visual that takes place at an abandoned power plant on the beach, the Nepali-Canadian musician dons a suit with a KISS-inspired red star drawn over his eye as he imagines his persona blowing up their workplace. Leading with a guitar riff, Waters’ angsty, punk tone in “STAR KILLER” elevates the liberating, endemic feel of the video. It's also perfect for moshing.

Coming off of his debut album, Pity Party, recent single “Manic Man” and viral 2020 hit “Stunnin'," Waters’ latest pop-punk song represents him “overcoming a lot of the things that were holding [him] back.” Speaking on the song's message, Waters said, “I want people to feel good. This is a winning song.”

Many of the verses in “STAR KILLER” come from Waters’ experiences in the music industry, but he said anyone can listen and relate to it whether they feel exploited by their boss at a fast food joint or by a politician. However, while the song features the verse, “You ain’t a man. You a fucking politician,” he said it isn’t necessarily about politics.

The celebration song draws on a range of inspirations, from communism and political campaigns to Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack.” Waters finds a way to address the hypocrisies of capitalism in a fun song that he hopes makes people want to dance, drink and get slutty. Ultimately, Waters wanted to make a party anthem, adding, “I needed to make a song that felt iconic.”

While this is a catchy anti-capitalist pop anthem for the ages, Waters doesn't want you to get too comfortable. He teased a forthcoming project, saying, “Once we get to the album, I’m gonna traumatize you.” Until then, check out the energizing music video for “STAR KILLER.”

Photo courtesy of Theodore Sielatychki and Christopher Metz