CupcakKe’s New Album Is Fiery, Personal And As NSFW As Ever

CupcakKe’s New Album Is Fiery, Personal And As NSFW As Ever

Chicago rapper, sex poet and PAPER Beautiful Person Cupcakke is the most gloriously NSFW rapper in the game (no small feat given it's one she plays with Nicki, Snoop Dogg and Danny Brown). Over her last few albums, she's successfully compared her vagina to an easy bake oven, Niagara Falls, Buckingham Fountain, a Chipotle burrito, a private island, Gabby Douglas, and an upside-down Dorito; and dicks to Ariana's ponytail, a UPS package, Spiderman, and "Peter Griffin… the head bigger than Stewie."

The independent rapper and Charli XCX-cult member already gifted us with an album this year, January's Euphorize, which she followed up with singles "Blackjack," "Hot Pockets," "Quiz" as well as a fire feature on Kelela's remix of "LMK."

Her highly-anticipated album Eden, out today, CupcakKe is out today, and it reveals the rapper's multitudes. While it hits all of the signature CupcakKe marks: roomy production, vicious beats, and swaggering shots ("Bitch I got so many bars/ That Azealia Banks call me when she needs soap") and vivid seductions ("finger me like a typo"), she also gets fiercely political and personal. She goes from celebrating her financial savvy on "Prenup," to sharing about getting her "heart dangled up and down" ("Dangled"). Meanwhile on "A.U.T.I.S.M," to she raps with sincerity but as much fire as ever about her love and admiration for people with autism, and addresses the cyberbullying of leaking nudes on "Don't Post Me."

We have Eden on heavy rotation, and you should too. Listen below and check out more of CupcakKe's sticky-sweet album visuals.

Photo via Instagram