CXNTXCXSTLE Casts a Spell for You to 'BE GONE'

CXNTXCXSTLE Casts a Spell for You to 'BE GONE'

Although it feels like the world is so far removed from the pandemic that put the world to a halt three years ago, the ripple effects of isolation have seeped into every crevice of life. Amidst the tragedy, people turned both inward and toward one another to tap into their innermost feelings of grief, anger and frustration to birth a new wave of art that will be referred to as “post-pandemic” for some time to come.

Longtime friends and New York nightlife staples Contessa Stuto, better known as Cuntmafia, and Nani Castle are no strangers to collaboration, previously teaming up on genre-evading bangers such as "ANARCHY 4 U AND ME" and the haunting "Ghost" demo. When they found themselves in the standstill of the rich nightlife scene they depended on, the two birthed CXNTXCSTLE. Never ones to shy away from the macabre, the two built upon their horrorcore leanings for their newest single "BE GONE,” the first offering of their forthcoming six-song project, Garbage WERLD.

Cuntmafia and Castle band together as a witchy duo, conjuring a spell for all unprepared suitors to get away from them. The former's gruff, distinctly New York delivery is pointed and menacing, unafraid to take up space as she raps: "When I walk into the room, I am the show, I turn up/ I'm so big, I am the motherfuckin' Mack truck."

“I am embracing being plus size,” Cuntmafia explains of her biting verse. “When I walk into a room, I am serving ferociousness and everyone is able to feel it.“

Castle joins in, drawing out each syllable like a siren that tempts and traps as she lays out her demands: “Tell me I’m the prettiest bitch in the world/ Tell me I’m the smartest bitch in the world.” Its message is simple. “At the time that I wrote that, I just felt like the world was ending and if you weren’t going to give me your all then I don’t want it at all,” the Bronx-born rapper tells PAPER.

​“BE GONE,” the ferocious and thrilling modern-day riot grrl anthem, is just the beginning of a rough-necked and sharp-tongued sisterhood between two of New York’s finest. 

Below, watch the PAPER premiere of "BE GONE" by CXNTXCXSTLE.