Crystal Waters Returns to the Dance Floor

Crystal Waters Returns to the Dance Floor

By Ivan GuzmanJan 30, 2024

Crystal Waters is back. The house music icon has already formed a legacy that will live on forever, with tracks like “Gypsy Woman” and “100% Pure Love” firmly planted in our ears and on dance floors for generations to come.

Today, Waters premieres her new music video for “Dance Dance Dance” with PAPER. It’s her first video in nineteen years and serves as the initial taste of an upcoming album that will be her first project in over two decades. “We have some traditional House sounding tracks and we have some more progressive floor-stompers,” she says. “I’m also playing around with doing some covers that I’m very excited about, something a bit unexpected.”

With '90s House sampling having such a renaissance right now in pop culture, it’s refreshing to have one of the genre’s OG tastemakers come back with a vengeance. “You have to remember when I started we were the bastard childs in the music industry,” she tells PAPER. “They said it wasn’t real music, just a fad that would soon pass. I’m very proud to have been a part of the scene when it all started.”

The track itself, which was produced by Jovonn, is pure throwback goodness, with slinky synths and lyrics about being devoted to the dancefloor and making love 'til the sunrise. Much ofher new music was produced by DJ Spen and Thommy Davis (formerly of the Basement Boys), the duo who Waters collaborated with on all her early bangers. “These guys know me, they know my style, what I do and don’t like,” she says of the rekindled creative endeavor.

The time is right for Crystal Waters’ return, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Photography: Lauren Cramer