Corbyn Besson in His Self-Love Era

Corbyn Besson in His Self-Love Era

By Tobias HessFeb 16, 2024

In the throes of the V-day season, pop star Corbyn Besson is thinking about love — and not just the romantic kind.

On the heels of a tough period in his personal and professional life, Besson is exploring the importance of self-love and finding strength with his first solo single, “Love Me Better.” The song was written during a time when he and his bandmates “were going through some major conflict with [their] production company and management at the time and couldn't tour or release music together,” he tells PAPER. That band, Why Don't We, was coming off a five-year run of global domination, which included billions of streams globally and arena headlining tours.

The stagnation and despair that business clash wrought led to a time of personal reflection and artistic renewal for Besson. Venturing solo can be scary, but it felt easier with longtime producer and collaborator Rob Grimaldi on board. Alongside several star producers, Besson and Grimaldi produced a slice of pop euphoria that explores the themes of love, self-doubt and renewal. For its accompanying video, Besson sings from a bedroom studio curiously situated in a sprawling mountain landscape. As day fades into night, the warmth of a sea of lamps begins to bring warmth to the singer, who is joined by a crew of comrades to sing through the chorus.

Below, Besson talks to PAPER about his new solo era, embracing self-love and reconnecting with his fans.

What was the inspiration behind "Love Me Better"? What message did you want to convey with the song?

I wrote "Love Me Better" about breaking free from a bad relationship or situation that isn't treating you the way you deserve to be treated and choosing to love yourself first. It was written during one of the lowest points in my life when my bandmates and I were going through some major conflict with our production company and management and couldn't tour or release music together. I chose this song as my first single because lyrically, it's still so relevant to how I feel today, and I really loved the idea of bringing our fans into my world with a strong, positive message about self-love. I'm going into this year with my chin up and my head held high and I hope it inspires my fans to do the same.

What inspired the “Love Me Better” music video?

The visuals for the music video were really inspired by how personal this song is to me. From the Why Don't We Easter eggs to the personal photos of my family and friends, the bedroom on top of the hill and the moody color palette — [they all] play into the sense of loneliness I felt after Why Don't We had to announce hiatus. I really wanted my performance within this environment to feel liberating to contrast that moodiness [of the song] and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

How does it feel to be releasing solo music? Are you nervous? Excited? Anxious?

Breaking free from an oppressive contract and simply making music for me this past year has been such a massive turning point. I've grown so much as an artist and as a person because of everything I've been through the past couple years and I'm really really excited to finally get back to doing what I love the most: making and releasing music, traveling the world and finally giving back to my fans who have stuck with me through everything. 2024 is our year.

What are you most excited to share with your fans next?

I have so much music coming and I'm planning to hit the road again sometime this year. I can't wait for everyone to hear what I've been working on because this is truly me for the first time ever. Keep your eyes and ears peeled... this is only the beginning.

Photography: Lindsey Byrnes