Coi Leray Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles

Coi Leray Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles

by Camille Bavera

Coi Leray's recent string of tweets has left her "TrendSetters" concerned for her well-being.

The artist — whose career started on SoundCloud in 2018 — has faced her fair share of criticism and cyber bullying this past year for everything from "unresponsive" crowds at packed venues, to harsh claims of being "just a TikTok artist" to thin-shaming and it seems the online trolling has understandably taken its toll on her mental health.

On Tuesday, Feb 15, Leray tweeted two words — "brain dead" — and followed that up with a since-deleted cryptic message that read: “To all my trendsetters, I’m sorry I let you down. I don’t have it in me to keep pushing. I feel like I’m brain dead. I pray that everyone continues to keep setting trends and striving. Don’t know when I’ll be back but I don’t even want to think about it. I love you for life. -coi.”

Fans quickly flooded the comments on both of Leray’s posts with an outpouring of love and support — attempting to pull the musician out of what appeared to be a dark place. One wrote “Please don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today because every second is a blessing and you are a blessing” while another encouraged Leray to “not let the haters get to you.”

Leray isn't alone in her struggles — and if anything, her posts are indication of a larger trend. More and more, it seems celebs are showing fans just how much of a toll fame can take on mental health. Last year, Bella Hadid took to Instagram with several teary-eyed selfies raising awareness and Sara Bareilles expressed that 2021 was a “very low year” for her and that medication was really making a difference in her life. Even MGK said it’s “OK to not be OK” in a 2021 interview with Drew Barrymore.

As for Leray, we're hoping after her social media hiatus, the singer is able to shake off her haters and go on to prove them wrong — as she has done countless times before.

Photo via Getty/ Paras Griffin