NFL Cheerleaders Instructed on How to Maintain Their Genitalia

NFL Cheerleaders Instructed on How to Maintain Their Genitalia

Being a woman is tough. We're paid less, our bodies are constantly policed, our clothing scrutinized, everyone seems to take it personally when we don't present ourselves in the preferred manner, but no one seems deal with this on a day-to-day basis like NFL cheerleaders. Surprise! Misogyny is alive and well in sports, as well.

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In fact, a new investigation conducted by the New York Times, show it's worse than we might have imagined. According to pictures of their official handbook, not only are Buffalo Bills' cheerleaders instructed to groom their nails just so (no color, just french manicure), only use a specific amount of hair spray (curls should not be "crunchy" with product), one should always shower and change underwear after workouts, tampons should be the right size — and oh, you should be washing your "intimate areas" just so.

Don't believe us? See, below.

The exposé comes just after another NFL cheerleader was fired for posting a scantily-clad portfolio photo to her Instagram (she deleted it within 15 minutes). Meanwhile, cheerleaders are still being paid pittance, something they are actively fighting today.

It's safe to say the NFL needs to get its act together, but the sport's institutionalized racism and misogyny doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

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