@CheckTheTag Is the Go-To Page for Fashion Credits

@CheckTheTag Is the Go-To Page for Fashion Credits

For years, publicists have sent out email blasts of XYZ celebrity wearing XYZ designer in hopes of getting a brand mention (aka fashion credit) picked up in tabloids, magazines and blogs.

As someone who receives hundreds of these a day, I know as well as anyone that these mentions still matter to brands and their PRs. Which is why the industry is loving an Instagram page called @CheckTheTag, which quite literally posts all the latest celebrity looks and what they're wearing — and who their stylists are.

An undertaking that daunting could only be accomplished with a team of people, which I discovered was actually three: sisters Kathleen and Wenny Miozzo (based in Brazil) and US-based Thomas Monks. The trio work together to get the most accurate and detailed descriptions of every celebrity look in real time, from off-duty paparazzi shots to major red carpet events.

Below, the three fashion lovers share how they get it done.

How did the idea for CheckTheTag come about?

Check The Tag was created by Kathleen on April 6th, 2016. She was watching a TV show in Brazil and instantly knew the host was wearing a Versace look and thought to herself, Maybe I should post these credits online!

Who's all behind it? What are your day jobs?

Kathleen and Wenny are sisters and work as translators. Kathleen (who started the page) met Thomas because he was a follower and started sending tips and they clicked instantly. So she invited him to help out. Thomas works in a beauty supply business, in the management sector.

What's the posting process look like and how do you get credits up so quickly?

It's usually browsing pictures, looking at the runway apps and emails. Usually we get the credits by memory, emails from PRs or some search engines like Tagwalk.

Have you built any industry relationships as a result of this account?

Most of our relationships are with PR people and stylists and their teams. They are the ones who help us out the most with credits. This year, for the Met Gala, IG was kind enough to let us use their HQ pics for the coverage.

How do you guys prepare yourselves during awards season and big events like the Met Gala?

It's crazy but we have a system. Thomas sets up a spreadsheet with celebs names and Wenny and Kathleen do the posting, so the three of them check emails and DM and try to fill the credits.

What's changed for you guys since you first started the account?

Mostly in followers, reach and the help we get from PRs. We don't make a dime off the page, it's mostly out of love. But with the growth of the profile we were able to get more out of the relationships, so getting the credits became easier.

Is there an end goal for you guys with CheckTheTag?

Kathleen and Wenny, who do most of the posting, are freelancers, so it's easier to work around the workday and handle that. And Thomas helps out during his breaks and times off work. The end goal has always been to be profitable, for us to be able to work off CTT. It seems unlikely at the moment, but we still hope it will come true some day.