Charli XCX Wants to Read Your Aura

Charli XCX Wants to Read Your Aura

Pop auteur, Charli XCX, is a jack-of-all-trades. From collaborating with some of the most exciting emerging talents in music today to creating visual eye candy with her incredible music videos, you always know Charli has at least three different projects in the works at any given moment and that when they finally sees the light of day it will be yet another game changer.

In the midst of working on a new album, Charli XCX has still managed to find the time to reveal her hidden talent for reading auras and the best part is she'll do yours for free!

Launching a brand new digital aura reader, all you will need is a pic of your truest self and a Spotify account so Charli can get a vibe for your music taste. After that all you need to do is focus on my love and voila! Aura galore! Not only will you be able to boast to all of your friends that you got your aura read by a globe-trotting pop star but you will save so much time that you can finally catch up on all that tidying around the house you promised the fictional Marie Kondo in your head you would do.

Head here to get your personal aura read by Charli XCX and why not watch the video for "1999" again while your at it?

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