Chanel Wants to Know If You Are Ready to Shred?

Chanel Wants to Know If You Are Ready to Shred?

For the presentation of their spring 19 collection last year, Chanel took us to a beach of their own making, inviting us to get our feet wet and dream of holidays spent in fabulous tropical locales. The show was only the latest in a long line of immersive fantasies constructed in Paris' Grand Palais by the late and great Karl Lagerfeld, featuring real waves, sand, and even an on-duty lifeguard. One of the many things that has continually kept us coming back to the prolific designer's collections is the meticulous attention he paid to the details of each world he created and even now we are still getting more glimpses into how far that fantasy extended beyond the confines of the runway.

Chanel released today two brand new accessories aimed at a more thrill-seeking customer; a surfboard and a skateboard. The luxe takes on the two pieces of sporting equipment is the perfect marriage between French couture and the X-Games that you never knew you needed until now. Just imagine shooting the curl or pulling up to the skate park and flashing that iconic double "C" logo before you drop in and literally stunt on the competition? Sure, the price tag for the skateboard and surfboard may be $7,700 and $8,900 respectively, but that feeling is priceless.

Chanel is no stranger to crafting outside-of-the-box accessories. The fashion house has put their own high-end spin on everything from motorcycle helmets to ice skates to even a quilted megaphone, making this recent offering no exception in the long lineage that makes up Chanel's historically more whimsical side.

The lacquered skateboard features a nod to Chanel's signature tailoring with an embossed quilted pattern branded with the company logo gracing the underside of the board. While up top the the logo once again takes center stage, inlaid into the board's black grip tape. The surfboard is comprised of an aluminum, glass, and polyurethane body coming in a brilliant metallic silver that echos the design of surfboards created by Lagerfeld for previous Chanel campaigns.

Chanel's skate- and surfboards are now available through their online boutique, take a closer look at the luxury sports gear below:

Photos via Chanel