We Found the Perfect Pop Culture Holiday Sweaters

We Found the Perfect Pop Culture Holiday Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters are always a fun ironic statement, so why not take it a step further this festive season and add a pop culture twist? Whether you stanned AOC hard this year, couldn't stop jamming to Lizzo, or binge-watched Fleabag all summer, a new crop of fun holiday sweaters are designed with all of your faves in mind.

Are you a "Christmas Kween?" The pink JVN sweater is calling your name. Or are you more of "Dat Christmas B*tch?" Lizzo's version (complete with DNA strands and flutes) may be just the pick. We're partial to the fringed Lil X Mas/Old Town Cowboy sweater, but the avocado one is also sure to be a big hit.

The sweaters are made by NotJustClothing, the social enterprise/retailer known for their ethical products that let customers donate 10 percent from each purchase to a charity of their choice. According to the company, each sweater is produced in ethical-working conditions and made with hi-tech knitting machines.

Check out their website for a complete list of styles, which also include Dua Lipa, David Attenborough, and Lewis Capaldi.

Photos courtesy of NotJustClothing