Caroline Polachek Pulls Out of Dua Lipa Tour After Injury

Caroline Polachek Pulls Out of Dua Lipa Tour After Injury

by Kenna McCafferty

Caroline Polachek, known for her power ballads about falling in love, fell head over heels this weekend coming out of her tour bus and tore her ankle. In a tearful Instagram post, the singer revealed she’ll be on bed rest for the next 10 days, costing her the remaining tour dates with Dua Lipa, as well as her headlining shows in Tacoma, Washington.

“I had a bad fall today down the stairs of our tour bus and tore my ankle,” the caption read, “now back from the hospital but can’t walk on it for ten days. So heartbroken to now not be able to perform with @dualipa at the last couple shows of this absolute dream tour. Deepest apologies to you guys coming to my show in Tacoma on Wednesday, stand by for refund info. Much much love.”

A dream tour, to say the least, the two have delivered the spectacle, and soft choreo the pop powerhouses are known for. Though we must say we’re surprised that someone who so gracefully created one of the most confusing TikTok dance trends of 2021 fell from grace.

But this isn’t the first time Caroline’s taken an on-tour-tumble, having fallen off stage in 2020, with a fan rushing to her defense (and to record), tweeting “CAROLINE POLACHECK FELL OFF STAGE OH MY GOD HELP HERRR”

Equilibrium challenged as she may be, we hope Caroline does get the help she needs and wish her a speedy recovery. And though we’re sad to see the end of everyone’s "dream tour" we know that when one door closes, another door opens, to another door, to another door...

Photo via Getty/ Ethan Miller