Carly Rae Jepsen's New Video Is a Cat Lover's Paradise

Carly Rae Jepsen's New Video Is a Cat Lover's Paradise

by Brendan Wetmore

Hot off her introvert hit, "Party For One," Carly Rae Jepsen is back with a new sure-to-be-viral visual for her new song "Now That I Found You." The song is classic Jepsen, with production that evokes a "Call Me Maybe" — dance-pop dominated radio vibe. Stans don't need to worry, though, since Jepsen is only interested in moving forward in her newest track. Oh, and if you thought "Party For One" was a bit quirky, you aren't ready for the Tumblr era, cat-obsessed trip that unfolds in the video for "Now That I Found You."

In "Now That I Found You," Jepsen plays a caring mother of the cutest stray cat, whom she found in the rain. They both reside in what can only be described as an apartment belonging to a NYU communications major turned Instagram influencer, complete with picture perfect mint cabinets and patterned wallpaper. It seems that she's more interested in snapping vids of her new furry friend on the notorious lip-sync app, TikTok, which is surprisingly perfect sponsorship alignment for Jepsen's new era.

Quickly, things get crowded in the Queen of Bop's Upper East Side crib. In a Gremlins-esque turn of events, the cat begins to multiply itself as she turns herself into a full-fledged cat mom. More and more cats are added to her self-portrait that hangs on the wall in her room while she goes about her day, seemingly unaffected by the fact that duplicate cats are just appearing on her dining room table. In fact, she's thrilled by this — her style begins to change progressively before her wardrobe is composed entirely of all-over-print cat shirts, underwear, and bodysuits.

This is before she smokes some apparently very dank catnip, however, and loses track of one of her beloved kittens. After taking a heavy bong rip, Jepsen is transported to a galaxy filled with cat asteroids and milk bottle constellations. The psychedelic trip is only momentary, to Jepsen's dismay, and she wakes up to the distant meow-ing of her cat outside her open bedroom window. Somehow, Jepsen's beloved pet survives the massive fall off of the window ledge and lands squarely in the arms of a smiling J.Crew-clad hipster who returns the kitten to her.

Watch Carly Rae Jepsen's "Now That I Found You" video, below.

Photo via YouTube