Cam'ron Uses Rihanna's Pregnancy to Plug His Sex Supplements
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Cam'ron Uses Rihanna's Pregnancy to Plug His Sex Supplements

The world is still in taking this week's news that Rihanna is pregnant with her and A$AP Rocky's first child. Amid the deluge of congratulatory messages from fellow celeb friends and all the sad Drake memes, Cam'ron has taken the opportunity to promote his own line of alternative male enhancement supplements.

The rapper showed some love to the newly expectant couple, sharing a video he took of Rocky holding a jar of his PinkHorsePower supplement, which, according to the product's website, is a supplement designed to “empower man’s sexual intimacy by helping to improve stamina and libido" (AKA off-brand Viagra).

Cam'ron made sure to draw attention to the fact that the video was taken back in October, seeming to imply his product may have potentially had a role in the pregnancy's conception. “I’m just saying," the rapper wrote on Instagram. “Check da dates. Congrats to Flocko and da Sis RiRi. Welcome to Harlem!!!"

In Cam'ron's defense, the timelines do sort of match with Rihanna's pregnancy and, while the evidence is mostly circumstantial, we suppose it's entirely plausible. As for these supplements, Cam'ron has been plugging the product hard since it first launched earlier last year, telling Drink Champs that it's good for anyone looking for “a little help in the bedroom.”

"You don’t have to take a gas station pill, you don’t have to take something from the pharmacy, you take something all-natural,” Cam said. “And it’s really gonna work. What your man was telling you was right, that shit work in like 15 minutes. Don’t take it around nobody you don’t wanna be around when it’s time to take it.”

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