There's A New Call Me By Your Meme

There's A New Call Me By Your Meme

In a recent New Yorker profile, Call Me by Your Name director Luca Guadagnino said that things are almost all ready to go for the movie's sequel. Guadagnino wants to cast Dakota Johnson, with whom he collaborated on 2016's underseen A Bigger Splash and the upcoming Suspiria remake, as Armie Hammer's character's wife, calling her a "New England kind of hoochie woman." Is that just a version of Blake Lively (so woefully miscast) in The Town?

The director seems pretty set on the film's plot. But there's one big issue. "The only problem is the title," he said. "It cannot be Call Me by Your Name Two."

Since Guadagnino seems stuck, people are offering up suggestions on social media, responding to an Indiewire tweet quoting the director. It's a call me by your meme! We suggest Call Me by Your Name Two: Two Peach Two Mafalda.

Photo via Sony Pictures Classics