BTS and Halsey Are Coming Out with a Single

BTS and Halsey Are Coming Out with a Single

BTS is about to blow our minds with a new single, and this time they're collaborating with none other than Halsey.

On Sunday, BigHit released the official teaser trailer for "Boy With Luv," the group's lead single for their forthcoming album. The teaser is 46 seconds long, and is set in an old-school theater called the "Persona," named after BTS's album. Halsey, all dressed in powder pink (including her wig), closes shop and walks out of the ticketing booth. When she walks out, the video shows the boys sitting on the sidewalk, also all dressed up in pink.

Only the last few seconds of the clip give you a taste of the actual tune of the song, but the BTS Army is already freaking out over this very brief preview. A fan even tweeted, excited that the band will be doing more collaborations with mainstream Western artists, suggesting maybe Khalid should be next.

Watch the full teaser below.

Image via YouTube