At This Point, BTS' Only Competition Is Itself

At This Point, BTS' Only Competition Is Itself

by Justine Fisher

I don’t know about you, but we’re always rooting for a BTS win. When pitted against another band, it's usually a no brainer — but what happens when BTS has to go up against, well, BTS?

Today, the mega band faced off against itself as its hit songs “Butter” and “Yet To Come” were up for first place on the South Korean TV program Music Bank’s weekly competition for hottest song.

The winning song “Yet to Come,” released with BTS' latest album Proof on June 10, 2022, is the group’s third No.1 Hot Trending Song on Billboard’s chart. A close second, “Butter” was also a Billboard No.1 Hot Trending Song after its May 21, 2022 release. Of course, this isn’t the first time BTS has taken over the award show, and Twitter users were quick to compile more examples.

BTS first broke the record for most music show wins in Korea after their 32nd win for the single “Dynamite” on KBS’s Music Bank on March 5, 2021, which — no surprise — was also the first song to spend six months on the Billboard Hot 100.

Since its debut in 2013, BTS has dominated charts and award shows all over the world. They were the first pop group of Korean descent to top US charts in 2018 and UK charts in 2019. The BTS members were also the first Korean-based group to receive Grammy nominations and first Asian group to win Artists of the Year at the AMAs. The band’s undeniable success has led them to speak at the United Nations and visit Biden at the White House.

​With an ARMY behind them, nothing — not even solo projects — can threaten BTS supremacy.