'Broad City' Now Has Its Own Line of Sex Toys, Because Why Not?

'Broad City' Now Has Its Own Line of Sex Toys, Because Why Not?

Comedy Central's smash hit Broad City is great for a number of reasons: the central friendship between the show's two stars, its irreverent portrayal of being semi-broke in New York, and, of course, Hannibal Buress. But most of all, Broad City made televised sex seem, well, normal. From awkward sexual escapades with your doppelgänger to Facetiming mid-coitus, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson's brainchild has never shied away from exploring the sometimes uncomfortable nuances of sexual activity. (I mean, come on, who else would dedicate an entire episode to the wonders of pegging?)

So it's only natural that the show would eventually branch out into the sex industry, right? Right. Broad City now has its own line of sex toys. Brought to you courtesy of Lovehoney, the special edition set has everything your (dirty) mind could possibly want. Some items are more traditional, like vibrators (the "Yas Kween Bullet" and the "In the Mood Lipstick Vibrator") and cock rings ("Respect Your Dick Love Ring"), while others are a little more adventurous (think "Man on a Mission Masturbation Egg" or the "Pegasus Pegging Kit"). Then there are the others that will work for the more practical sexual beings ("Nature's Pocket Kegel Balls" and "Mind My Vagina Water-Based Lubricant"). Either way, you're sure to find something perfect for you.

Take a look at all the wonderful options now and start...pleasuring yourself today!

Season four of Broad City premieres on September 13th. Watch a trailer below.

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