Britney Spears Was Reportedly Under Surveillance

Britney Spears Was Reportedly Under Surveillance

Earlier this year, The New York Times came out with Framing Britney Spears, a documentary about the pop icon and her 13-year conservatorship controlled by her father Jamie. Recently, the Times has released a follow-up film entitled Controlling Britney Spears. Like the first, it includes exclusive interviews from people who were once close to the singer. This time, they spoke with a former member of her security detail.

Alex Vlasov, was previously an assistant and operations cybersecurity manager who worked at Black Box Security Inc., the security company Jamie Spears hired for Britney and has been in charge of her safety since 2012. Vlasov said that he worked closely with Black Box's president Edan Yemini and had access to emails, text messages, phone calls, and meetings.

Through this, he said he found out that Spears had his daughter under strict surveillance, allegedly going as far as bugging Britney's bedroom — which is illegal in California since two-party consent is required by law for audio recordings. He also claimed that Spears tracked all of Britney's iPhone activity and monitored all of her conversations through an iPad that mirrored her screen.

​Vlasov claimed in the documentary that there was a group chat with Yemini, Spears, and Robin Greenhill of Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group where they "would basically post all the movement." He said, "Even in the sacred place, her home, every single request was monitored and recorded. Her intimate relations were closely managed. Britney could not have someone in the privacy of her house without those three people knowing."

Vlasov also claimed that security was in charge of Britney's medication. They allegedly got pre-packaged medicine and would have her take it in front of them. He said, "When I took a step back and I looked at everything, it really reminded me of somebody that was in prison and security was put in a position to be the prison guards, essentially."

The New York Times Presents: Controlling Britney Spears is available to stream here.

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