You Wanna Go to a Boots Party

You Wanna Go to a Boots Party

Mar 06, 2024

Boots has one essential rule: “Never force a party.” The nightlife Chicago collective has been throwing underground raves since 2022, transforming Dim Sum restaurants and random rooftops into full-blown ragers that will live on forever.

“Someone ripped a sink out of the wall at one of our earlier parties,” says Abhijeet. They co-founded Boots with friend Kirk, and together, have breathed new life into the Chicago nightlife scene. It’s all about spontaneity — Boots party locations are never announced until the day of, and this leaves dedicated attendees on the edge of their seats waiting for the address to copy and paste into the Uber app. “If a venue isn’t working out, we’d rather take the time to find the right space instead of throwing something underwhelming,” they tell PAPER.

It’s this sense of wonder that has made Boots such an elusive and enticing fixture in the Chicago nightlife scene. The parties themselves are a whimsical head rush of thumping beats, live balloon animals, and 3D glasses. Both immersive and ephemeral, a night out at Boots has created an energy that’s coalesced into a community. It makes sense that the next step would be an EP.

Boots Bitch, out now on all streaming platforms, is a culmination of all the sweaty late nights that Abhi and Kirk have curated for their audience — and it sounds exactly like you think it would. With tracks like “Let’s Get This Party Started” and “Gay Guys Drink Vodka Sodas, But Girls Do Poppers,” the project is like if you took an adderall and teleported onto Rainbow Road in Mario Kart. It’s also a labor of love, an auditory manifestation of Boots that fans can have in their pockets whenever they want to feel the rush of beloved party memories.

“[The EP] cycles through a night out at Boots — from pulling up, putting out, and getting home kinda fucked up. And then it all loops back and starts right over.” With the new music, the daring duo proves that they’re not just stunty superheroes here to save the underground nightlife scene in Chi Town. They’re also viable musicians ready to take Boots to the next level.

In terms of where the next big Boots ball will be, eager partygoers will just have to wait and see. “So much of planning the next Boots party is driving around neighborhoods and saying, ‘What if we threw a Boots in that building?’” For Abhijeet and Kirk, and their ravenous crew of ravers, the possibilities are endless.

Photography: Anneasha Hogan