Bodine Rides For Bad Boys In 'No Me Quiere Mas Na'

Bodine Rides For Bad Boys In 'No Me Quiere Mas Na'

By Erica CampbellFeb 29, 2024

Puerto Rican model, dancer and musician Bodine loves a bad boy, and her new track “No Me Quiere Mas Na” doesn’t shy away from that fact.

Premiering today on PAPER, the song's new seductive visuals directed by Greg Swales and Chevy Tyler are a tribute to Puerto Rican icon, Iris Chacon, and her “Con Tu Amor” video. Chacon was a prominent figure during her time, despite making music in a male-dominated environment, opening doors for Latin women like Bodine.

In the video homage, Bodine wears looks from New York City fashion house, The Blonds, styled by Marios Solares, with the sequins and glamour contrasting the motorcycle she’s sat on. Bodine sings about being deeply in love and dealing with someone who takes advantage of your heart, leaving you behind all the while knowing that you’ll be there waiting for them.

Below. Bodine tells PAPER about the inspiration behind her latest track, being inspired by Chacon and what fans can expect from her next.

How did the song come together? What was the inspiration?

Making this song was such a surprise. Originally the beat was going more into an EDM vibe until we spiced up the drums with some merengue vibes and once that happened just by itself I started to sing out, “No me quieres mas na.” Then all the dots connected, transporting myself back into that bad trip movie where we’ve all been before, going through heartbreak but we still want to go back.

The video pays homage to Iris Chacon’s Con Tu Amor video. Why was that important?

Iris Chacon is one of the extraordinary artists I most respect. I've always been obsessed with her and her video “Con Tu Amor,” hands down, is such an iconic moment. I felt that the song with this visual just connected so well, and Greg Swales and Chevy Tyler immediately jumped on board. It felt like it was just truly meant to be.

What’s your favorite lyric from "No Me Quiere Mas Na"?

“Cómo un perro tú te movías, pero yo sigo detrás" (like a dog you moved, but I followed behind). It’s simple: this is when you like a bad boy and you keep falling into his trap.

What do you hope listeners feel when they hear this track?

To get you loose dancing, but at the same time if you're going through a hard breakup to cry it out with your heart .

What are you most excited to share next with fans?

My new EP is coming out in March, I can’t wait to share the full project and for my debut at SXSW.

Photography: Greg Swales