'Bling Empire: NY' Stars Robbed in Paris

'Bling Empire: NY' Stars Robbed in Paris

Three Bling Empire: New Yorkstars were reportedly robbed in Paris last week.

According to a new report from CNN, the burglary took place on at a rental apartment in the French capital's ritzy 8th arrondissement, which was being rented by Lynn Ban. Per representative Gia Kuan, the star was staying there with fellow cast member Blake Abbie and husband Jett Kain for Paris Fashion Week when three teenagers allegedly broke into the property on March 2. Ban, Kain and Abbie were not present for the robbery.

Kuan explained that the incident occurred after Kain dropped off some shopping bags and picked up Ban for a fitting. After the couple left, the suspects snuck into the building, broke the apartment lock and forced open the door. In addition to several items of luxury clothing items, the alleged thieves are said to have also taken a safe containing documents, along with passports and an iPad. Upon their return, the couple immediately called the police after realizing the entire apartment had been ransacked.

That said, Parisian authorities were able to recover their belongings under 24 hours thanks to the iPad's geolocation feature. At the time of the arrest, one of the suspects was said to be wearing Kain's new jacket. Kuan added that the alleged burglars also recorded videos of themselves in the jacket while admitting to taking the safe.

As a result, the three suspects were taken into custody and are currently under investigation. One adult was also detained on suspicion of handling the stolen items, with Kuan noting that he was recently released from prison. However, he was later released without charges, according to the Parisian prosecutor's office.

“As foreigners in France, especially during Fashion Week one would think this would have been a total loss," Ban said in a statement to CNN, "But the French police really went above and beyond the call of duty in this case and we are forever grateful of this."

You can read CNN's entire report about the incident here.

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