The 'Bling Empire' Premiere Party Had a Diamond Jewelry Claw Machine

The 'Bling Empire' Premiere Party Had a Diamond Jewelry Claw Machine

A new report from the Bling Empirepremiere party has us hoping for an invite to next year's soirée.

According to party attendees speaking toTMZ, main cast member Christine Chiu recently held a big party at WeHo's Pendry in honor of the show's third season, which made its debut on Netflix last week. However, if you thought it was just standard cocktail fare and hors d'oeuvres, you'd be sorely mistaken, because there was apparently a pretty dazzling highlight that went far beyond some awkward mingling and a half-hearted champagne toast.

As several guests told the outlet, Chiu made sure it was a celebration to remember by providing partygoers with a bunch of lavish gifts and some eye-poppingly opulent activities. Undoubtedly designed to make everyone feel like a Bling Empire star, there was one particularly popular attraction that had the entire venue lining up to try out their luck. Namely, a claw machine.

That said, you won't be able to find Chiu's version of this classic arcade staple at your local Chuck E. Cheese, seeing as how the machine was reportedly loaded with pricy jewelry and real precious gems, including Dunamis diamond watches for both men and women, as well as tokens worth up to $1,500 in credit at legendary celebrity jewelers, Jason of Beverly Hills. And the total value of everything in the claw machine? A hefty $150,000. Because why not?

While most of us would be bowled over by a game like this, the insane party favors seem pretty par for the course for the Bling Empire crew, or the exorbitantly wealthy group of Asian Americans whose lives can only really be described as an IRL version of Crazy Rich Asians.

Now on its third season, the hit reality TV show has continued to give us peons a glimpse into their extravagant, ultra-glamorous and over-the-top lives, which include everything from last-minute shopping trips to Paris via private jet to collections of couture clothes, all stored in supersized closets that could double as ballrooms. And of course, it goes without saying that there's also tons of drama, such as the (unfortunate) resurfacing of Kelly Mi Li's actor ex-boyfriend, Andrew Gray, and the continuation of the ongoing battle between infamous frenemies Chiu and Anna Shay.

Photo via Netflix