Billie Eilish Shared a Bed With Her Whole Family Until Age 11

Billie Eilish Shared a Bed With Her Whole Family Until Age 11

Billie Eilish is getting real about her separation anxiety as a child.

In a new interview with Sunday Times Magazine, the superstar sat down with writer Megan Agnew to talk all things family, including her intense desire to have a big brood one day. In fact, it turns out that she's so dedicated to this goal that she'd "rather die" than miss out on having kids, even though she does have a couple reservations going into to it.

“The older I get, the more I experience things, I just think, 'Uuggh, what am I going to do when my kid thinks that this is the right thing to do and I’m, like, no, it’s not!,'" Billie said of any clashes that will inevitably happen. You know, seeing as how every child will always have times when they choose not to listen to their parents.

Not only that, but Billie also mentioned how the current state of America makes her scared for her potential kids, especially on the heels of the Uvalde school shooting that killed a total of 21 people, with 19 of them being children. Because despite the fact that both Billie and her older brother, Finneas, were homeschooled, she's still unable to process the idea of being "scared to go to school," as many of us are.

"You go to school and be prepared for a life-changing traumatic experience or dying," she said. "What? Who? Where is the logic there?"

All this family-related discourse then led the "Happier Than Ever" singer — who's always been vocal about her mental health struggles — to open up about her own childhood and how it was shaped by her crippling separation anxiety, which the Mayo Clinic describes as "recurrent and excessive distress about anticipating or being away from home or loved ones."

“I was worried about what would happen to them, I was worried about what would happen to me, I was worried about being forgotten," as Billie said. And apparently it was so bad that her “whole family shared a bed until Finneas was ten" and Billie had to do the same “with her parents until she was 11.”

"I couldn’t sleep by myself,” Billie explained. “If I woke up and my parents weren’t in the bed and the lights were off, I would scream until they came to the door."

She added, "And I couldn’t step off the bed in the dark because I was certain that there were scorpions crawling all over the floor.”

Read Billie's entire interview with the Sunday Times Magazine here.

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