Shocked Woman in Beyoncé's Photo on Her Viral Moment

Shocked Woman in Beyoncé's Photo on Her Viral Moment

Beyoncé debuted a number of fierce looks this past Grammys weekend, and like the benevolent pop goddess that she is, shared them all with us on Instagram. One photo included a rare civilian cameo of a woman's priceless shocked reaction to seeing Bey and Jay walked by. In her reaction, she was all of us, in her physical placement at the Grammys next to cultural royalty, she was none of us, and as the woman and the photo quickly went viral.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Jan 28, 2018 at 3:10pm PST

The woman, Susan Monaghan from Boston, spoke to the press about her chance encounter with the spotlight. "I think it's hysterical," she told the Boston Globe. "Strange things happen to me."

She explained that she was visiting New York with her family for a birthday party for her daughter, and to attend her granddaughter's gymnastics competition. They were staying in the Sheraton Nw York Times hotel when she ran into Bey and Jay (the one time a Times Square hotel is actually the cool place to be).

"I'm thinking in my mind, 'Who is this?' And I looked at him and he looked tall, and thin, and had curly hair, and was really good-looking," she said of the hotel run-in. Then she saw Beyoncé. "I was like 'Oh, my God!'" Monaghan said. "I looked at her and all I could think was, 'No one is going to believe me. No one is going to believe me.'"

As to why she thinks Beyoncé included the photo on her gram? "I think she posted it for me," Monaghan joked. "So people would believe me."