RIP to This Indie Kitty Cover Star

RIP to This Indie Kitty Cover Star

It is with a heavy heart that we report the cat made famous by appearing on the cover of Best Coast's debut album, Crazy For You, has unfortunately passed away.

The band's Bethany Cosentino shared the news via Instagram that her pet cat, Snacks, had died, writing “I always knew this day would come, but I hoped it never would. He was not just my cat. He belonged to all of you. He was the third member of this band. Our mascot. Our cover star. Our merch king. He meant everything to me and I’m going to miss him so much, but I know he will live on forever by way of the legacy he created simply by being himself. He loved you all so much and he knew you loved him. 14 wonderful years. I’m so honored that I got to be his mom. I love you forever Snacks. Long live the king.”

Snacks grew to become sort of a mascot and honorary third member for the band over the years, appearing on merch, joining Cosentino for a Roy Orbison, being the subject of a I Can Has Cheezburger caption contest, being given shoutouts on David Letterman and reprising his role as a cover star on their most recent single "Leading." Best Coast even sold replica plush toys of Snacks at one point.

Snacks' reputation extended far beyond Best Coast, appearing on the cover of fellow Cali indie rockers Wavves' album, King of the Beach. “There are literally thousands of you fans with this cat tattooed on their bodies and they will carry his spirit with them. Legends never die,” Wavves' Nathan Williams tweeted out following the news of Snacks passing.

The furry feline also starred in a PETA2 campaign back in 2014. “I’ve met a lot of fans that have said to me, ‘I actually adopted a cat or a dog [because of Snacks.]’ People have even told me they’ve named their cats after Snacks,” Cosentino explained. “It’s really cool to feel like this thing that you love so much and are nerdy about loving sometimes is affecting people in a way that’s making them go out and save an animal or making them be more involved with the animal they already have. He really is my son at this point. That’s the thing that is so important about having pets — they really become a part of your family.”

RIP Snacks

Photo via Instagram